Welcome! My First Post

Hi!  Thanks for stopping bye!  This blog is going to be about Depression and it’s various flavors and forms. Its purpose is to try to help those suffering from Depression to break that suffering and to begin to enjoy life as we were meant to do.

I also hope that this blog can be used by families and friends of those who have Depression so that they can hopefully begin to understand what depression is, why the person that they care about has it, and hot they can learn to communicate and take action in ways that will support the healing and recovery process.

I will offer up all of the tips, tools, and techniques, that I have used over the course of my 25+ year battle with depression so that perhaps you may find one or more of them that will work for you. I’ll try to keep things short and simple wherever I can by using pages that will offer practical advice with links to helpful resources that you can use to gain more in depth information about what I present.

There are a few things that I would ask you to keep in mind as you start to look through this blog:

Disclaimer:  The diagnosis and treatment of depression and other psychiatric disorders should be performed by health care professionals. The information on this site is for informational purposes only.

Rants:  Some of my pages will be rants.  By rants I mean that I’m writing from a place of strong emotions like agony, despair, anger, or rage.  If you’re in an rage, perhaps that’s not the best time to look at pages in the “rants” category.  These pages can be disturbing because they show the dark side of depression.  But this blog is about depression so I’m going to keep it real.  I’ll try to keep my rant pages categorized as “rants” so you can avoid them if you wish, but I can’t do that with every page that has strong emotional content, so be aware that even pages not marked as rants can contain strong emotional content.

God?:  I am not here to tell you anything about the concept of God.  Whether you believe in God or not is of no consequence to me.  But since over the years I have found the concept of God to be of help or comfort to me, I may write about it sometimes.  Since some people are allergic to the word “God” I will try to tag all posts with that mention “God” or any of the millions of names that refer to the concept of God with the tag “God”.

Religion?:  The same thing that I just wrote about God applies to religion.  I try to tag all pages that have religious connotations with the tag “religion”.

Spiritual?:  I’ll try to tag all my posts that have “spiritual” concepts with the tag “spiritual”, but almost anything that one does can take on a spiritual concept.  So just because a page is tagged with the tag “spirituality” does not imply that the page is a spiritual teaching.  If you choose to ignore all pages with the tag “spiritual” you might really be doing yourself a disservice.  I would suggest that you keep an open mind and look at a few of these pages before deciding never to look at a page with the “spiritual” tag.

Time and Content:  There is a lot that I have to share, and it’s going to take some time to get a lot of it out there.  We’re talking about a lifetime of experiences so if your don’t find something that is useful to you right away, please consider stopping by again in the future.

With all that said, I hope that you will keep an open mind and you get into this blog because hopefully something I’ve gone through or learned will offer you some help or comfort.

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