Inner Engineering – Master Your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Energies

I want to tell you about a program that really was/is a miraculous blessing to me. Several years ago in the midst of a brutal depressive episode that had lasted for several torturous years I was desperately looking for something to help me. I had active suicidal ideations. I was in tremendous pain. In my desperation I scoured the Internet looking for something, anything to help me that I could afford. I had been on several expensive retreats which gave me some temporary relief and comfort but that relief would always disappear within a day or two of coming home and I was out of money. It was at this time that I found Inner Engineering Online – a seven session online program that cost $150.00 It was the best $150 I ever spent.

Through this amazing program I was able to learn, experience, and therefore know that it was possible for me to manage my mind, my body, my emotions, and my energies in a way that would lead me out of the depths of depression and put me on a path to wellbeing. Right away I experienced a new found sense of hope. This was followed by many new insights into how the mind, body, emotions and energies could be used to develop a sense of stability and relief from depression. As the course continued I was able to experience to my utter amazement that I could quiet my mind which gave me instant relief from anxiety, worry, fear, depression, rumination, and suicidal ideation. The first experience only lasted 15 seconds, but 15 seconds was like a miracle for me. I would then be able to expand that timeframe of equanimity to longer and longer periods. After completing the Shambavi program at the Isha Institute of Inner-Scienses I was shocked and thrilled to experience a 16 hour day of cancelled airline flights, running from terminal to terminal only to get to a flight that wasn’t going to my airport but to another in New York, which then caused me to miss another flight, and numerous other frustrations, with a sense of peace! I was elated at my ability to stay calm, logical, and even happy as I encountered each challenge. This would never have been possible for me before Inner Engineering Online and Shambavi Mahamudra.

Inner Engineering was not able to cure me of Depression from a genetically inherited biochemical imbalance, but it was able to make it possible for me to have a much happier, healthier, and enjoyable life.

Afterward: It is important for people with biochemically based Major Depressive Disorder that the medications can only take you so far. Medication alone will not lead to happiness; it will lead you to a brain state that is not depressed. From that platform of a more “normal” brain state one can learn how to be happy by eliminating the bad habits that are acquired during childhood and while being in states of chronic depression, and to develop more healthy beliefs and behaviors that lead to peace, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

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We Create Our Reality – Really!

When I was a child around the age of eight after my parents had divorced we spent more time in my father’s car each week because we lived with my mother during the week and my father during the weekends.  I’m sure that it was very difficult time for him.  Sometimes he would get frustrated with other people’s driving and would say things to them or about them out loud but never where they could hear them.  I used to think it was so funny, the things he would say.  Other people I drove with have done this and continue to do this, and I do it as well.  For years I’ve justified this behavior to myself by thinking that it was a way to blow off steam, to release my frustration and anger without hurting anyone.  But I now realize that this isn’t true.  When I entertain these kinds of thoughts, I am CHOOSING to concentrate on that thought and the negative feelings that it brings up in me.  I cannot control if the thought comes to me.  But I can control wether I let it float by or give it life by paying attention to it and how it makes me feel.  Once I do that, I’m headed down the path of suffering.  And if anyone is in the car with me, I am literally and figuratively taking them for ride.  My energy will feel negative.  My anxiety level will he heightened.  I will be quicker to be have temperamental reactions to the tiniest stupid things, and I will be disconnected from my Self, and anyone who is in the car with me.  And this mind-state (state of mind, attitude, disposition, readiness, etc. puts me in a position to have move of the same happen.  So now by continuing to think and behave from this mind-state there is a greater probability of having more of the same types of problems to occur..

This process that I just described of manifesting what you are thinking about can be used in a positive way as well.  By setting an intention and a goal and then thinking about that goal, visualizing it in the now, meditating on it, praying about it, talking, about it you begin to set the stage for reaching this goal, but I doubt that anything will come to fruition.  In this physical world if you want to reach a goal you have to take ACTION that is constant with your intention to reach it.

When your goals are aligned with who you are at the core of your Being (soul, spirit, essence, Self, etc.), who your are as a human-being (your body and it’s physical talents and capabilities, and your mind which its a combination of its intellect, memory, and cognitive functionality and talents); your personality (a combination of everything above plus everything the sum of your experienced, perceived, categorized, judged, and felt physically and emotionally); and your energy (which can be put under much greater control with certain practices), that is when you are in a position to take the appropriate action that will result in the attainment of your goals as well as creating a new reality for you that will also impact the rest of the Universe.

You start from where your are.  You take everything just mentioned plus the current life situation you find yourself in (environment, work, family, etc.) and the resources at your disposal, and then you take the appropriate physical and mental action required to make reach your goals, make your dreams come true, and begin to live life the way you want it to be.  That is personal power!  You are taking change or your reality, and even influencing the reality of the rest of the Universe because we are all connected through energy, biology, and cause and effect.  The current craze in the self-help arena these days calls this the “Law of Attraction”.  While I agree in the efficacy of using the Law of Attraction concept, I am not convinced that it is the holy grail of happiness and “abundance” that it has been made out to be.

I will write piece about the Law of Attraction.  But for now if you use the Law of Attraction and you take appropriate steps to bring that which you wish to bring to fruition, you have a good shot at changing your life and reaching your goals.  So try to stay positive and do positive things that are in alignment with who you are and what you want.  I’ll have more to say about the Law of Attraction in another post.