How to Break Your Depressed State of Mind

I am no scientist, doctor, or scholar.  But I have suffered for over 25 years from Depression and I am a student of it.  I look for any and every way to Break Depression as long as it hurts no one.  When people talk of Heaven and Hell I tell […]

I’m depressed.  I’m lethargic so I can only get myself to use the tools that I have at my disposal that are the least amount of effort to use.  Thinking right thoughts could instantly change things, but for every right thought that I produce there is a “but” to nullify it.  This depression is different than my multi-year episodes.  I am able to feel moments of happiness, clarity, and laughter.  But they are way too few and far between.  This depression is situational which then results in a chemical imbalance which doesn’t easily correct itself.  I believe that even if all of my situational stuff fixed, I’d still be depressed for a while.  I don’t generally bounce back so quickly.

It’s been like a roller coaster ride for my wife.  One hour I’m great and the next I’m sad, lonely, angry, resentful, and filled with self-hatred and self-disgust.  I’ve recently switched where I get my medication from.  I used to get it locally at CVS and now I’m getting it throw Express Scripts.  I wonder if the amounts of medication are the same?  I should have them tested, but I’m too lethargic to check it out.  Did you know that generic medications are permitted to have up to ten percent less of the a active ingredient than the brand named medications?  Someone feel free to double check my percentage because I am writing this from memory, but even if it’s less it’s outrageous.  The FDA is tho country doesn’t give a shit about the people it was put in place to protect.  It’s all about money.  It’s almost always about money, and that will eventually destroy us.

I’ve Been Depressed – I’m working on it.

I have been depressed.  I’ve been pushing myself to go out, to answer the phone, to shower, to read, to meditate, to walk, to stay engaged somehow.  I will not complain.  Complaining is useless.  I’ve been using the tools I have written about in this blog and other that I haven’t written about yet.  So for now watch this:


People care about you.

Thoughts About New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve can be one of the toughest nights of the year for people with Depression, but it doesn’t have to be.  It is all a matter of what you choose to focus on.  I know that this simple statement sounds trite, and I am aware that for most […]

Working Myself Into a Good Mood

Working myself into a good mood is something that that I consciously try to do whenever I am in a bad mood.  The bad moods that I am referring to in this case are either depression or anger.  Sometimes I am successful in turning things around, and sometimes not.  But […]

Me and My Moods

As you get into this blog you’re going to notice that I am a multi-dementional person, like most people are,but way more intense.  Some of that is due to a mood disorder, and some of that is just my personality.  But most people who blog about a specific subject like […]