Your Body Is Talking To You

I have friend who has been dealing with sciatica for many months. He is as Type-A personality who had a father that to him was a mountain of a man. I find that most boys who have good relationships with their fathers usually want to be just like them in […]

Picture of someone in physical pain

Alexander Technique for Well-Being

Today I will describe an incredibly simple and effective technique that once learned can be effectively used to stop a panic attack dead in its tracks.  If you take just a few minutes each day to practice this technique then your body will be under less tension and your mind […]

Challenging Our Believes About Depression – The Birth of Empowerment and Hope

Since I have started working on putting the beginnings of this blog together I have noticed that at times I am able to look at depression from a different perspective.  When I am in depression I am looking at it through a state of mind that is certainly not positive, […]