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If you are experiencing severe emotional pain and are currently having serious thoughts of hurting yourself, hurting someone else, or committing suicide then you need to call your psychologist or psychologist, or get yourself to the nearest emergency room.  You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 and they are available 24/7.


I know that you just want the pain to stop.  Most people could never fathom or withstand the kind of pain that you are going through, so please remember that you are a valiant warrior!  Despite the anguish you feel you are have arrived at this website so that you can add new armor and weapons to your arsenal and break depression!  You are brave, you are selfless, and you are stronger than you realize!  Take a moment to just take one deep breath and then think about the words I just told you…  Now be proud of yourself and try to read on!

I want to help you feel better.  I want to help you find a way to stop the pain.  But before we go further I need to tell you: If you are having serious thoughts of suicide, get yourself to the nearest emergency room.  In my experience the emergency room is where you should go if you can't read, understand, and think about what I'm writing here.  The emergency room is where you should go when you're no longer willing to fight.  They will keep you alive.  But what you really want is to feel better now, right?  So if you can stick with me let's try to help you to feel better.


The first that that you need to do is to realize and remember that you should not be making life and death decisions in this state of mind.  You must remember that your mind is not following your orders right now.  It’s feeding you painful thoughts, memories, and emotions, and we need to stop it!  So remember that right now is not the time for making big decisions like whether to kill yourself or not.  Can you agree with me about this?  Can you remember this as you read on?  If your answer is no then please call 911 or get yourself to the emergency room.  But if you can agree me when I tell you that now is not the time for life and death decisions then let’s continue.


You mind is your servant.  It is not you.  Right now it’s going haywire and feeding you painful thoughts and/or feelings.  So you have to change your state of mind.  There are many ways to change your state of mind.  We obviously want to deliberately change your state of mind to a good one so let’s not take chances by using drugs or alcohol because then you’re just taking a crap shoot.  This is not a moral or legal thing.  It’s just that these things take away your ability to direct your thoughts.  You’d be out of control.  I’m trying to help you take control.


have listed some of them below.  Your job right now is to find one on the list below that you are willing to try and try it.  If you try one thing and it isn’t working for you then try another.  If that doesn’t work then you try another, and so on.   Remember, you are a warrior!  You never give up!   You have choices!


Emergency Tools To Get Your State of Mind Back (see explanations and examples below the list)

  • Distraction – You get your mind off of you and into something else.
  • Visualization – You use your mind to create a better state of mind.
  • Deep Breathing – I know this sounds lame but it can definitely change your state of mind.  It works faster for some than others so if you try it now and it doesn’t work don’t worry about it.  Try something else, but don’t write this off.  You may be able to used it in the future.
  • Physical Action – You use you body to change your state of mind.
  • Mental Action- You think new thoughts to change your state of mind.
  • Re Phrasing – You change the language that you use in your head to a less painful  language.
  • Re Structuring – You think your thoughts in a way that changes your state of mind.
  • Re Framing –
  • Time Shifting – You think about things in different context to time and it changes your state of mind.
  • This Moment Only – You drop all thoughts of the past and the future and you fall into the now moment where nothing can hurt you.


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