Welcome – My First Post

Hi!  Thanks for stopping bye!  This blog is going to be about Depression and it’s various flavors and forms. Its purpose is to try to help those suffering from Depression to break that suffering and to begin to enjoy life as we were meant to do. I also hope that […]

My Story – Short Version

Welcome to Breaking Depression! I started this blog with the hope that I could help people suffering from Depression (also known as “Clinical Depression” and “Major Depressive Disorder”) and associated mental illnesses like Bi-Polar Disorder (Manic Depression), ADHD, ADD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD by sharing with them my 25+ […]

Just One of Those Days

It is a dark, grey, and dreary day here in :New York, and that is exactly how I feel.  Almost everyone know what this kind of lazy Sunday feels like, but for a person such as myself who has MDD it is frustrating, depressing, and scary.  If I could just […]

Hello world!

Hello world!  Today I installed wordpress and started to set this site up, so I’m not quite ready for you.  Please check back in a few days and hopefully by then I will have added my first entries offering tips, stories, and tools for those trying to break depression.  See […]