Watch “I’m Out of Moves with Mooji” on YouTube

I think this is an excellent conversation for people with depression to listen to. And there are so many points that I can make of this. Is it better for me to make some bullet points for you? Or is it better for you to hear the conversation and trust that you will get out of it whatever it is that you need at this moment in time? Since I don’t know the answer, or since the answer may differ for different people, I am going to put a few bullet points below the video so you can choose to watch without my input or you can scroll down to read what I wrote before you watch the video. And of course, you can choose to watch the video and then see what I had to say.

  • By using the word “mind” Mooji is referring to the sum of our beliefs, values, judgements, rules, thoughts, and the emotions that they create, the moods they create, the physiology that they create, and finally the behavior that results from all of this, which then feeds back into creating more of the same if we done break the cycle.
  • Either we use our mind or our mind uses us. We have the ability to choose this moment by moment, thought by thought, mood by mood, day by day.
  • I believe that psychology is spiritual inquiry and teaching are two different ways of addressing
  • Our energy can be used or abused.
  • It is easy to mistake boredom for depression.
  • We need to stop wasting our valuable energy on self-improvement because was are already valuable. So it would be better to use that energy to look within and learn the Truth about who we are, as opposed to what we have been conditioned to believe about ourselves.
  • Feeling like you’ve reached the end of your rope feels terrible, but it can also be an “auspicious” event because that is when we give up our ego and surrender to a higher intelligence that has always been within us, but has been overlooked by use because we thought that the answers were out there (on the Internet, at the psychologist’s office, in the “shoulds” that we believe we are supposed to follow, on TV, in a book, etc.) as opposed to in here (within our being at a different level or dimension of mind, if you will.