Mahashivaratri 2019 at the Isha Yoga Center – Webstream

Please join me at 7:00 pm for a 12-hour watch party of music, dance, meditation, and magic happenings at the celebration of MahaShivaRatri from the Isha Yoga Center located in Coimbatore at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains in southern India, Isha Yoga Center is a sacred space for self-transformation, where you can come dedicate time towards your inner growth.

The spiritual process involves staying up sitting or standing with the spine erect for the entire night, but you are welcome to come and go as you please. Sadhguru will explain why this night is such an important night for spiritual development in the Northern Hemisphere.

In 2011 I came began a long journey out of a brutal 10-year depression, and it all began with the meditative practices of kriya yoga that I was introduced to in Sadhguru’s Inner-Engineering program.

Here is the schedule:
7 PM to 8 PM – Mahashivratri opening video discourse by Sadhguru
8 PM to 11 PM – Music, dance, and celebration
11 PM to 12:30 AM – Midnight Meditation and discourse video
1 AM to 4:45 AM – Music, dance, and celebration
4:45 AM to 5:15 AM – Sadhguru’s closing video discourse