Guided Imagery Meditation for Depression

I was feeling really depressed tonight.  When I say “really depressed” it means depressed enough to wish that I could leave this life.  But I have children who love me and whose development would be severely impacted by such a thing.  There is no great tragedy in my life these days.  I have nothing so going in in my life that would warrant suicidal ideation.  I tell you this so that you those of you who think that the level of depression that I feel is trivial will know that it is not, and that if I find something that works for me then it might be worth a try for you, and perhaps you will give it a try.

So I went on Youtube an search from “meditations for depression”.  There are lots of guided imagery meditations specifically for depression out there.  There are “healing music for depression” videos that are supposed to work in whatever psychosensory way that they were designed to, or they may use meditation/hypnosis techniques and add-ons like binaural beats.  There is also a lot of stuff out there that either just isn’t for me, and quite frankly I don’t see how others would like them and find them helpful.  But that is a matter of personal preference and opinion, so I am only leading to videos that I found helpful.  Either they worked enough to pull me up to a point where I could write this, or they relaxed me and put me to sleep.  Of the two I prefer the first because it is better to have my state of mind altered then to just fall asleep.  Falling asleep is an escape.  Changing my state is an accomplishment.

So here are a couple of videos that worked for me tonight.  There is nothing to watch on these videos, so don’t worry about that.  Just get comfortable in a space where you will not be disturbed.  I have also added them to the appropriate section of the Self-Help Toolkit Menu on Breaking Depression and to the appropriate playlist of the Breaking Depression Youtube channel.

This next one is music only, so it might be good to get to sleep: