Finding Gratitude On This Day of Thanksgiving

If you are finding it hard to find things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday do not despair; you are not alone.  If you feel badly or guilty because you feel ungrateful do not punish yourself for this; you are not alone.  Be kind to your self.  Be gentle with your self.  You are not alone.

When one is depressed it is difficult to feel gratitude but not impossible.  Here are some videos, pictures, quotes, and links that you can use to at least practice cultivating gratitude.  The fact that you choose to pay attention to any of these words means that you have an intention to feel grateful, and hat is a wonderful place to begin.  Here are some things to help you find some gratitude today:

“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.”

Light a candle in honor of Gratitude here: Light a Candle of Gratitude

Practice Gratitude at Practice Gratitude at

Find images for Gratitude here: Gratitude Images

Search for gratitude quotes on Brainy Quotes – Gratutude


Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! <3