My Earthly Father

He is like a rock that sparks only when struck, and expresses not further. For he only sees what is in front of his own hand, and not yonder. For whilst the son is short on sight, the father is infentesimal in vision. And whilst the son’s mind doth betray him, the father knoweth not such affliction. And whilst his son’s body doth betray him with severe pain as his father hath not experience thereof, he careth only to say, “How art thou my son”? And when the answer is cometh, it is as if it never it were neither spoken nor heard.

How is it that he knoweth not the state of his only son? How is it that he knoweth not that to reap one must first sow, and that to sow one must be blessed with soundness of mind and flesh? How is it that he doth not know that charity withheld in this world doth lead himself down a dark path unto the next? For he hath been graced with sound mind, strong bones, and an inheritance of earthly wealth not common to most. Yet it seems he lacks in spirit those things which might enable him to the next in good favor.

To bring a life unto this world is of no small consequence, and one should meditate upon the responsibilities thereof before doing so. For what the child doth lack, the father must provide so that his legacy will live on in esteem amongst flesh and Spirit alike. With all honesty I doth worry for him in the next. How will he be judged, and what awaits him whence?