21 Day Gratitude Challenge

I know that it may be hard to feel grateful when you are depressed, but I can assure you that there is something to be grateful for.  Even at times when I was in long protracted periods of immense suffering I still could still find things to be grateful for.  It wasn’t always easy but when I was able to think about what I was grateful for little by little it became easier.  And over time practicing gratitude and  feeling little moments of gratefulness begins to gather momentum and you begin to experience gratefulness even in the midst of suffering.

The 21-Day Challenge invites you to expand and deepen a sense of sufficiency and gratefulness using reflection questions and simple, daily actions. You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the ways that daily commitments to gratefulness can bring a “greater fullness” to your life. And, you will notice the ways that your changes can impact those around you.

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Let’s, again, unleash a grateful groundswell into our lives and the world, together! Register now to get started and you’ll be sent an email with more details.