It’s All In Your Head

For years as a young adult with Depression and the accompanying physical ailments that go along with it I had heard “It’s all in your head”. And for years I said it was not. But I was wrong. It is all in my head. And it’s all in yours as well. No two people perceive the same reality because we in this flesh are not in contact with reality. We experience everything in the mind. There is no direct experience.

Here, have an apple. What color is it? Red? Are you sure? Let’s just say it is red. Well then what shade of red is it? Is it entirely red or some parts of it red? What percentage of the apple is red? Do you honestly think that we are all seeing the same thing? Did you know that the apple actually has no color in and of itself? The light hits the apple and color light refracted is red because the apple absorbs all of the light except for that narrow band of light that shows up as red to us. To a color blind person, it may actually show up green. For some totally color blind people it’s just another shade of grey. So is the apple really red? But let’s still assume that the apple is red. My eyes see this refracted light with this certain shape, size, color, and hue and it take that information encodes it into some electrical impulses and sends it to my brain where my brains is supposed to recreate it for me. Where is it doing this recreation? In my head. I have no direct contact with that apple. I have contact with an illusion or a hologram of an apple that is based on the cumulative memory of every other apple I’ve ever perceived including the plastic ones that some people put on their tables. Everything we see is a maximally of something that is according to quantum physics somewhat of a hologram as well. Where is there a real apple in this entire universe? We can make the same arguments for the smell, the taste, and the texture of the apple. Non of it is real and non of us perceive it in the same exact way. So back to my point about my problems being in my head.

My problems are in my head, but they feel very real and affect me in a very real way. I cannot with convictions eat an apple and tell you that I’m eating a cherry. By the same toking I cannot feel emotional pain and pretend that it isn’t what it seems to be. When you figure out how to rewire my brain so i don’t live in pain then I’ll be happy to lend it to you. But until then you should realize that what I feel is real, as real as anything you feel. We all experience feelings differently. The intensity, duration, size, scope, depth, and the way it effects the body, and the way it effects the mind are all unique to each individual for each experience.

My world and your world are different. Be grateful that you do not live in my world. And don’t worry. It’s all in my head right?