FREE 21 Day Meditation – “Finding Your Flow”

Take advantage of this FREE 21-day online meditation program called “Finding Your Flow” at the Chopra Center which is sponsored by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Deepak Chopra. This meditation program is being offered for FREE starting (started) April 14th, 2014 and it runs for 21 days.  Each day’s session opens on its appointed day and is kept live for 5 days, so it’s not to late to get started!

I started the program today so I did session one in the morning, session two in the afternoon, and I will do session three this evening.  So I will be all caught up for tomorrows forth session.  You don’t have to do it like I did.  You can start from any day you wish or start from day one and just continue.  I don’t know how all the days will go but the first three days of meditation have been silent bija mantra meditation to soft relaxing music.  In the ancient sanskrit language where “bija” means “seed” and “mantra” means “sound”, each bija mantra corresponds to a particular chakra (energy center) of the body.  There are seven main chakras of the body and each is associated with a particular color, sound, physical area, and area of functioning of the body and mind.

So far in this particular meditation program soothing music plays in the background and there is a colorful picture from nature on the screen which displays the day’s theme, quote, and intention.  Oprah first introduces the day’s theme and then Deepak guides the meditation.  Since I am only aware of the 7 – 8 main bija mantras I’m not sure how the program proceeds from there.  You can get to the program by clicking one the following link:  “Finding Your Flow”


Intro video: