You Can Break Depression!

I am here to tell you that you can break depression!  You can break that depressed  state that you have been stuck in for days, weeks, months, and even years!  You can be bright again!  You can be happy again!  You can be productive again!  You can have a successful career!  You can have a loving relationship!  And you can live a happy life!  The possibility is there for everyone;:: even for long term chronic sufferers like myself who have a genetic predisposition for Depression, have been exposed to multiple environmental factors that have been known to cause and/or trigger Depression, have already endured multiple multi-year depressive episodes, and who have been diagnosed with treatment resistant Major Depressive Disorder.  But we are not all the same, and we will all have different degrees of success based on an innumerable number of factors.

Breaking Depression is more of an art than a science.  It has to be dealt with on many levels that can include any and many of the following:  physical health, endocrinology, neurology, brain imaging, genetics, psychopharmacology, psychiatry,  psychology (multiple methods), social work, nutrition, diet, holistic medicine, exercise, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, self-help groups, etc.  Sometimes all it takes is one thing!

Can you imagine if you tried just one of the hundreds of things that I’ve tried already and it worked for you?  That is my wish and my blessing, but for most of us this will be a bit more of a journey so do not get discouraged.  I am going to try my best to write about what I have believe to be the most successful methods first.  And by that I do not necessarily mean the methods that have been most successful for me, although I will obviously include those, but what I understand to be the most successful therapies, methods, and  modalities in practice today.  Now please remember that I am not a doctor, a scientist, a professional researcher, or trained counselor.  I am a lay person who has been working on breaking my own Depression for over 25 years.  I am going to try my best to tell you about everything that I have heard, read, studied, tried, witnessed, and experienced.  I will tell you about my successes and my failures.  And I will continue to keep my eyes and ears open and report on any new treatments that I become aware of.  But remember this:  "To know is that I do not know".  That means that I am not so arrogant as to believe that I know everything about Depression and how to break it.  It also means that I never become so rigid in my thinking that I do not leave myself open to new possibilities or close myself off to things that either didn’t work for me in the past or that I would refuse to reevaluate.  And finally it means that you have to be responsible.  You have to consider what I say, what kind of mood i’m in when i’m saying it, and whether it sounds like it makes any sense to you.

I actually believe that I can help many more people more easily than I can sometimes help myself.  This isn’t because I don’t practice what I preach or because I’m stupid or full of shit.  It’s simply because the nature of treating Depression is somewhat unique for each person; that each person has different underlying issues; and that I happen to be a real tough nut to crack.

I just hope to save you a lot of time and pain searching and groping around in the dark for something to help you when I’ve already done so much of that.  At least you may be able to zero in on something from my experience that resonates with you.  Maybe you’ll be the one to break depression today!

Every day is a new beginning.  Every day is the potential day for you to break depression!  One thing that I always did and continue to do when I am depressed is to go to sleep every single night with the hope that I would wake up the next morning feeling happy.  Sometimes things got so tough that I would sleep for hours of the day in an effort to avoid my pain; but even then I always hoped that when I woke up I’d be okay.  And I want you to have that same attitude.  No matter how horrible you feel and how long you have felt that way, you keep trying, striving, fighting, learning, growing, and evolving.  And when you get too tired and the day is done and you just want to ease the pain; go to sleep with hope.  Tomorrow is a new day!  Tomorrow is a new opportunity!  Tomorrow might be the day that you break depression!

Time for me to go to sleep now.

Pleasant dreams!

P.S:  The real truth of the matter is that depression can break in any given moment.  You might not have to wait until tomorrow for your victory!  You never know what will impact you on a deep level psychologically,  physiologically, energetically, or spiritually.  In every next moment exists your infinite potential for happiness!