Gratitude, Love, Music, and Praise

I had some rough days last week.  Something was out of whack.  How’s that for a scientific explanation?  Actually I had missed a couple of days of meditation, and had a very small amount of wine on New Year’s eve.  So there you have it.

Currently I have some crappy situational stuff going on unrelated to Depression so considering that, I’m doing pretty well.  I go up and down a lot, but not to far down like when my energy and biochemistry are off.  That’s what the meditation and medication are for respectively.

So I threw on some praise music in the shower this morning and sang to the Lord!   That often helps to put me in a good mood.  It makes me feel good because I am giving out love and gratitude.  So while I do sing God’s praises for Him, I also do it because it naturally makes me feel good.  Do you know why this is so?  Do you know why this works?

God may or may not be paying attention to me at the moment, but I am sending out love and gratitude.  If you send out love and gratitude, I mean really send it out with enthusiasm, like you do when you’re singing or dancing, or doing some other intense action, then it’s going to make you feel good because you are giving and  celebrating joyfully with energy, intensity, and enthusiasm.  And that is the opposite of depression.  The opposite of depression in not happiness; it is joyful enthusiasm.  It is sweet energy.

Now if you’re not into the concept of God then no worries.  Sing and dance with love and gratitude for anyone and you’ll get the same result if your feelings are genuine.

I can’t know for sure if God loves my praise or not, but I don’t see how it could hurt.  Who doesn’t like to feel thought of, loved, and appreciated?

You could probably even sing praises to your pet dog, cat, or platypus and it will work whether you believe in God or not.  And do you know why?  Do you know why it works to make you feel good to praise?  I’ll give you two good reasons:  The first reason why it works without believing in God is because although you are not praising God, you are still speaking His language (love) and praising one or more of His children.  But if you don’t even buy that then here’s reason number two: It works because this is the way the world works.  This is the way we are wired.  This is the natural way.  We are really givers at heart.  Now I agree that many people have lost touch with this, and we need a lot mor of it, but just take look around you and see evidence.  This world can suck at times, but it generally works out well for must of us.  After all, even with the recent exponential growth of technology we still haven’t managed to blow ourselves up!  And you can generally feel safe and comfortable eating your lunch without the constant worry that some human acting like an animal is going to come over and  bonking you on the head for it!  🙂

So if my you’re atheist, or the concept of God bothers you don’t discount my advise. Just say “Fuck it!” and take my word that music or dance, and probably other intense  activities combined with love/gratitude/well wishes for others feels good!

As Dave Matthews says in one of his songs: “When you give, you begin to live. You get the world. You get the world.”

Give it a shot.  Sing in the shower.  Praise something, praise anything.