Working Myself Into a Good Mood

Working myself into a good mood is something that that I consciously try to do whenever I am in a bad mood.  The bad moods that I am referring to in this case are either depression or anger.  Sometimes I am successful in turning things around, and sometimes not.  But I almost always try, and I use various methods to do so.  This time it worked.

One thing that really drives me crazy is when people, especially those close to me, think that I am not doing all that I can to be happy.  Fighting depression is hard.  It requires consciousness, mindfulness, will power, memory, skills, and creativity,  If I am in the throws of a major depression then sometimes I do not have all of these tools at my disposal, or perhaps I’m so depressed that I don’t have the strength to even try.  In those cases I will often go to sleep to escape.  I have no idea how many years of my life have been wasted away in sleep.  But at those times I welcomed sleep as it was the only escape.  But be sure, if I have the ability I try with everything that I’ve got to break depression.  Sometimes it becomes a full time job.  But right now fortunately I am not in the throws of a major depression which means that I usually have access to ways to work myself into a good mood, or to at least work myself out of wanting to die.

So on this particular day I was feeling very angry at an embarrassing and unjust situation that is costing me and my wife many moments and hours of frustration, worry, anger, and tens of thousands of dollars.  So prevailing mood on this day was anger, and that was accompanied by frustration, helplessness, fear, and feelings of injustice.

What methods, tools, and skills that I use to work myself into a good mood vary.  I have many.  But some methods are better suited to certain situations that others.  The environment I am in can make a difference in which tools I use.  The mood makes a difference in the approach.  The intensidy of the mood, where I am, who I am with, what I have been doing prior to the bad mood, and many other things go into deciding how I’ll go about it, but here is what I did this time:

I watched a video on gratitude called “A Good Day” which you can watch for free here.

In an effort to work myself into a good mood this time I viewed an inspirational video called called


and read about gratitude.  This doesn’t always work, but it did this time.  It did not last for more than the hour that I worked it and an hour after, but that is 2 hours!  I’ll be grateful for that.  Will you?

This is just a stream of consciousness:

I am reading about gratefulness. It comes from appreciation for receiving something you value (not necessarily something valuable) and receiving it freely as a gift (no strings attached).  So value is qualitative, not quantitative.  And a gift implies no inconvenience and no expectation of anything whatsoever in return (not even a “thank you”).  Obviously if you truly feel gratitude for something then you are primed to say “thank you” and it is a good thing to do.  But sometimes you may not know who to thank.  If you’re an atheist and you are grateful for a beautiful day, then who will you thank?  If God exists and He creates beautiful days then He will still give you more beautiful days even though you don’t even acknowledge Him.  That is selfless giving.  Perhaps just to feel thankful (grateful) is enough.  It certainly feels good to feel grateful.  It is like giving a gift yo yourself for a gift that you already received.  That’s two gifts for free!