Welcome – My First Post

Hi!  Thanks for stopping bye!  This blog is going to be about Depression and it’s various flavors and forms. Its purpose is to try to help those suffering from Depression to break that suffering and to begin to enjoy life as we were meant to do.

I also hope that this blog can be used by families and friends of those who have Depression so that they can hopefully begin to understand what depression is, why the person that they care about has it, and hot they can learn to communicate and take action in ways that will support the healing and recovery process.

I will offer up all of the tips, tools, techniques, and teachings that I have used over the course of my 25+ year battle with depression so that perhaps you may find one or more of them that will work for you. I’ll try to keep things short and simple wherever I can by using pages that will offer offer practical advice with links to helpful resources that you can use to gain more in depth information about what I present.

And my blog posts will contain more of my day-to-day experiences that will allow me to continue to offer more tips, tools, techniques, and teachings, as well as insights into who I am personally, and the varied and sometimes frightening twists and turns that my moods take.  Some will make you laugh.  Some will make you cry.  Some will wake you up.  Others will put you to sleep.  Some will make you think I’m a spiritual being, and others will make you cringe or shout in joy that there are other people out there who are just as beautiful and ugly, high and low, angry and calm, vulgar and prolific.

So please try not to just look at one page or post and make a judgement about whether this blog is worth looking at.  Expect variety and the unexpected, and perhaps you’ll find something that helps.